Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Closet Full of Gray, but a Life Full of Color

My Outfit
Sweater: Seventy Two Changes
Jeans: Denim & Thread
Boots: Golden Goose

As promised, here is an outfit post of the gray cut-out sweater I was so excited to purchase on sale last week. I happen to love it, but my husband says its not his favorite. I guess thats because I'm looking at it purely from a fashion perspective, whereas men in some ways are natural image consultants...

well, only in the sense that they have the intuition that something looks good or bad but they definitely don't know how to explain it. Although I'm not saying this sweater is bad...I love it!

What I mean by "natural image consultant" is that a man could care less about fashion/clothing but more about how the girl looks wearing it...(this sweater is actually a lil too boxy for my figure, for example). 

If my hand weren't on my hip in this photo, you could see the "boxiness" I'm talking about....

Image consultants try to keep up with the latest trends but ALWAYS pay attention to body shape and proportion. Its actually pretty interesting, because we image consultants are very different from "stylists" who seem to focus almost completely on the clothes standing out rather than the girl being the primary focus.

 Have you ever heard of the saying..."the dress is wearing the girl, rather than the girl is wearing the dress?" Well, being that my educational training is Image Consulting, I try to not let my clothes wear me, but sometimes it really is just about the fashion..and thats what men (and some of the old school image consultants) just don't get! 

Oh, and one more thing, I'm so excited for Thanksgiving and having 4 days of down time! It's been making me feel so positive and thankful to everyone and all the good things in my life....I guess thats "wear" todays post title comes in;)

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  1. The long awaited sweater :) :) Looks really good on you. I agree with the natural image consultant thing haha ... my bf tells me the same thing on nearly most of the stuff I get obsessed with until he gives up and tells me that he likes it :)

    x x

  2. A comfy and cute look! Suits you!

    Sarah XXXX


  3. I love the outfit!! You pulled off that sweater very well :)

  4. I love that gray sweater! The cut outs make it more fun and chic! And it looks so comfy and warm! You look really pretty1

  5. cute sweater! looks nice and warm ^-^


  6. I think this sweater is pretty on you...your outfits always look full and complete. And men cannot grasp the understanding of keeping up with fashion...if I wore an out fit that was 6 yrs out of style but CLINGY... my fiancé would like that better than a new updated " boxie " top...they don't get it!

  7. Love your jumper! :)

    Rosie x


  8. Lovely outfit! So perfect for fall. :) I really adore that sweater. It looks so comfy and yet so chic. And those boots...sigh. xo

  9. I think you look so cute!! I love that oversized knit!!

  10. you sweater looks so comfy and i love the cut out detail on it.
    following you too. keep in touch ^_^

  11. hi Mimi! i think the sweater looks just great, and lovely boots:)

  12. oohh by the way, i can't seem to find your email address on your blog, i just wanna say that i'd be delighted if you join my LBD challenge:)
    you can email through: indarapats@gmail.com


  13. Love the sweater and the boots!

  14. love that knit with the boots! so pretty!

  15. I love that sweater! The whole outfit looks super cozy.

  16. love your blog!!
    i am following you now!! :)



  17. This is a great casual outfit. Love the boots!

    My husband would say the same thing. He doesn't like when I wear boyfriend cardis because they're boxier and longer. You're definitely right that they pay more attention to silhouette than fashion. It's kind of funny, really.

  18. I love to wear gray! That sweater is super cute too!

  19. Lovely outfit..Warm and cozy and the sweater is amazing..

  20. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love your sweater!


  21. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!! I love your cutout sweater and I must say that you have an amazing collection of boots!!

    I am following you now, hope you will too!!!



  22. love the sweater!!! anything that comes in that shade of grey i'm pretty much sold on. and thanks for stopping by!

  23. Wonderful sweater!



  24. I like your boots x


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