Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas to MWAH!!!!

The stores this time of year are so enticing....(chanel anyone?)

Badgley Mishka shown at Lord & Taylor

The merchandise is displayed so beautifully....(I'll take a pair of the shoes above please)....

...That I had to buy myself a pretty gift!!!!!!

Clutch: Elaine Turner
I bought mine at Lord & Taylor  but you can buy it here, in, sadly, a different color

Really, I could not resist this twist on the leopard print trend. It's colorful, shiny and sparkly, and I thought this little bracelet would look so cute with it! 

I think I like being my own "Secret Santa" this year. I might have to make buying a gift for myself a new holiday tradition.


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  1. i love christmas time!! nice pics!!

  2. Lol .. I love buying christmas presents for myself as well haha!! :) The bag looks so pretty! xx

  3. I love the stores at this time of year too, adore that leopard clutch.Thanks for your sweet comment.


  4. I love the Christmas shopping, are so magical ...

    A kiss!

  5. Sexy, fun clutch!! I love CHRISTMAS!!

  6. Love the clutch. I'm so glad you bought it!

  7. totally jealous of you and want one of those sweet little clutches!

    xoxo - emilia
    i've followed you, follow me back if you like!


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