Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You're Hot and Then Cold

Sunday was actually warm enough to go outside without a jacket!!!!

I wore this very casual outfit to a chill brunch this weekend with the hubs, and it reminded me of Fall when I saw the pictures...

The Hubs went so far as to say I looked like a little cowgirl...or something of that nature.  Anyway, I love my boots and wanted to show you a closer look. They are the "Frye Heath Outside Zip" boots I coveted so much last fall!

FAST FORWARD to 2 days later (today) and it is FREEZING!!!
So cold that I had the chance to wear my favorite mittens from HAT ATTACK!

I always get compliments on them because they are so unique...If I could knit I would be knitting these types of mittens/gloves for everyone I know. I just think they are the cutest;)

And I love the flap for easy access to my phone!

My Outfit
Cardigan: Madewell for Shopbop
Jeans: J Brand
Boots: Frye 
Nail Color: OPI "You Don't Know Jaques"
Bag: Balenciaga


  1. You look so pretty! Your hair is lovely. Adorable boots and gloves too :)

  2. Love the MADEWELL sweater, what a fun look for a casual brunch...Really cool mittens, where can I buy???

  3. Thanks!
    @ Sarah, you can find Hat Attack on winknyc.com...thats who makes the gloves...unfortunately, these aren't available anymore, but there are some other really cool ones;)

  4. Aww too bad, I really adore yours...if you ever do hand me downs, send em my way ;)

  5. ah, those are the cutest mittens :) I have similar ones, I love how I don't have to take them off to use my phone!


  6. Those mittens are so cute!!!

    I would love it if you would come visit me :)


    xoxo Summer

  7. I love convertible mittens for the same reason! I'm rarely without my phone (except for the day+1/2 that it died). I'm actually on it now and do most of my blog posts on it. Nice Balenciaga handbag! Doesn't OPI have the funnest and funniest names?

  8. Lovely outfit, I wish the weather was like that here :) We got snow and -20 celsius .. hehe


  9. Hey! I am your loyal follower :-D

    I wanted to give you a poke just in case you have missed my Seasonal Shoe PHOTO competition post :-) if you are interested, check my newest entry! Season Greetings! Amber


  10. wooooooh great outfit!! The mittens are adorable :)



  11. Love your jeans and love your boots!! I guess they're praying for the snow to come...! :P

    Kisses girl, Lena!


  12. The boots is really nice .. and the mittens are soo cute!! xx

  13. frye boots are fabulous! i bet the weather has turned cold by now :-) i heard NY got a massive cold front :-( im a bit tired of cold weather already :-)


  14. @Jen Yes! I love OPI because of that reason!

    @ Lena, if thats what they were praying for then they got there wish! We had light snow

    @Megan I'm already tired of the cold too:(

  15. Sooo jealous you get to live in NY! I am in Florida and I hate it. Love the boots and the bag. drool! You look totally adorable. Your blog layout is awesome!

  16. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I absolutely ADORE your mittens! I have a pair just like those but with a different design and mine are a little worn out. Haha. Maybe it's about time I invest in ones as cute as yours.


  17. @ Dawn, Thank you! I used to live in Florida, at least it isn't too freezing there:)

    @Stefany, I have 2 pair of these actually so they dont get worn out as quick, thats how much I love them!!

  18. love that cardi!

    thank you for commenting on my blog:)
    Love Emily, xx

  19. I love your boots!


  20. great look! i adore your boots and your gloves are lovely:) my compliments on that one too:)I love your blog by the way! Im happy i ran into it! Its a great read:) your posts and style is great! So i'm gonna follow you!
    hope you visit and follow me back,
    that would be amazing:)


    Have a fabulous day:)

  21. the weather has been weird lately but you look great no matter what mother nature throws at you :)

  22. Lovely outfit.. the lilac top really stood out

  23. I love your mittens and your boots are fantastic:) Kisses, sweetie

  24. I love the mittens too! I love how they are mittens and gloves at the same time!


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