Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cold Feet

These days I've got nothing but love for anything that'll keep my feet warm!!
Ok, and the Converse socks? Maybe they're not the warmest but they are certainly THE COOLEST!!


  1. We have sneaker Fridays at work as a fundraiser, plus we're working Saturdays this month, so I've been wearing my converse. Those Converse socks would-be so fun to wear!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  2. That was the same reaction I had when I was scrolling down.. the Converse ones are soo cool! x

  3. very cool socks, i have socks that look like sneakers myself :)


  4. lol I'm not a huge fan of print socks, I just love them when they are confortable and warm. I love the long socks, they are my best friends in winter :)

    See you!

  5. these all look so cozy & warm, i need them on my feet now!:)
    xx Nikita

  6. I really like the last pair!!!

  7. thank you for visit me:) great socks!!:)

  8. Pretty sure I need those first pair of socks STAT


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