New Shoes, New Shirt

New Shirt (Cardigan)....

New Shoes (Jeffery Campbell)...

A Poem by Mimi Jay

AHEM, (Throat clearing),

New Shoes, New Shirt
I Love to Shop, 
But Hate to Work

Ok, I'll admit, the cardigan is pretty basic. Gray again! I know, I know...but I like gray. A lot. And did you see the feathers on it? I think that alone makes this purchase unique and special enough. Can't you just see me layering this over a summer sundress or skirt?

The wedges were no-brainers...lots of buckles, and open toed for summer-time...Gotta love that!

Have a Happy Friday Everyone!!

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  1. I love cardi's they are perfect for every season--the feather print is cute! Happy Friday.

  2. Cute new buys and I love the green polish too

  3. That cardi - LOVE. The feathers are a unique touch that makes it a not-so-basic basic.

  4. New cardigan + New shoes = a great life :)

    Cute new purchases.
    Have a great week!
    See you :)

  5. i am madly in love with that cardi...feather prints are my favorite...I might just have to get it.
    I love your green toenails.

  6. Way CUTE shoes MiMi!!!! Feather Cardi is Sweet! And your Poem was "Tha Bomb" .... Do what ya DO!!!!!!


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