Monday, August 22, 2011

Many Layers Monday


Three layers today and I still managed to stay cool in the summer sun! That is not always an easy task, but this cardigan is so light. I got it at an organic clothing store in San Francisco, and it's so comfy;)

Notice I'm wearing my ring again? I told you, its going to be practically glued to my finger for a while. My hubs thinks its a little big, but I like statement rings. I am however, going to make a version that is slightly less clunky as well. 

Oh, and I'm not going to add a layer to my life on MLM anymore. I feel like I already do that a lot on here anyway...hope you guys wont cry in your pillows tonight because of it! 


1.MUST POST MLM BUTTON ON YOUR BLOG: Copy the text in the box above and add the html code to your sidebar entries who do not do this will be deleted.
2.Submit your photo by by clicking "click here to enter" at the bottom of this post.
3. Entries must include at least 2 layers, and in the caption field, make sure to enter your layers...example, a cardigan over a tank...
4. Be sure to enter the URL to the specific post (not your entire blog) in the link it to field.


  1. Oh, you have so many layers today! I can't believe you managed to stay cool in them! And I really love your clunky ring!!

  2. Loving your layers and your sandals are super cute too!!!


  3. Layering makes me think of fall already! love all your accessories. Glad to find your blog. ;)

    Love, Fashionandnumber

  4. Oh you are rocking your gorgeous ring !
    I am going to skip the layer Monday, its so hot here I barely made it to work with a skirt and top.
    If I may add you are looking as pretty as usual.

  5. So cute! I love you embellished tank and striped skirt. And, yes, gorgeous ring! It's been too hot to layer over here in WA state. But I'll link up again soon.

  6. Amazing ring...If I made that, I would wear it every day too!
    Love the embellishment on the tank top and that great light weight cardi.

  7. wow, your ring is really gorgeous, I love that you made it - I'd totally buy one!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. You look so cute! I love love your ring, I would be wearing it all the time!

  9. love how you layer your outfit and the embellishment on the top is gorgeous too. Like the sheerness of the shirt. Very feminine chic. Thanks for leaving a lovely note on my blog. Following back and linking up.


  10. I'll be honest....I STINK at layering. It just makes me feel overwhelmed (literally!). But you make it look so easy! I'm in love with that ring!!! I'm with you....if you're going to wear jewelry, make it make a statement! ~Serene

  11. Gorgeous ring! Statement rings are the best! I got an upclose look at it on your other post and I lobe the layer on top with the jewels. It's a symmetrical ring with an added touch to makeout look asymmetrical. Double duty!

    What a cool cardi! Easy breezy. I love all your shots in the city.

  12. thanks for visiting my blog! i have to admit the first thing i noticed was your amazing nail color and beautiful cocktail ring~

  13. Love the ring!! Looks great with you outfit. The embellishment on the top is amazing.


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