Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who Doesn't Hate the Word Chunk?

Ew, "chunk" is such an obnoxious word, but much less obnoxious as a chunky choker/necklace...looks like this new trend is here to least for now:


I certainly do love this look! 
Some options available on the net:
These are from Shopbop...
Adia Kibur via shopbop

Tuleste Market buy here

These are from Revolve Clothing
(use code "Tulip" for 10% discount)

Belle Noel buy here

Belle Noel buy here

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  1. oh you have a great blog, i really like it. keep it up! ;)

  2. I actually like the word chunk. I was telling my boyfriend to make sure that the piece of jewelry he is planning to give me for Christmas is, well; a Chunk piece :-)

  3. That blue CHUNKY (ha) necklace is beyond gorgeous


  4. I love these statement necklaces. Statement is a good alternative to the word chunky and it doesn't make me cringe.

  5. I been seeing a lot of thick necklaces...but most of them are way too heavy for me to wear...


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