Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bronze is the perfect color for this time of year. To me it's a color that represents a dressed up version of Fall. This Thanksgiving I'm keeping my outfit super simple as our holiday couldnt get anymore low key this year. Still, I picked some favorites from the web to inspire me. All that's needed to complete the look is a plain white T or blouse:

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This necklace is so stunning. I love the tiny bit of color that doesnt overshadow the bronze.
This clutch is so festive, I'd wear it anytime I wanted to dress up an outfit.
The gold details on this belt are so unique and they bring out the bronze evn more so.I want this polish. I'd wear it all year round.
These pants are so edgy and cool but if paired with white, they could give off a really elegant vibe too. 
Bronze sunglasses bring warmth to the complexion. This pair is on my wish list. 

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  1. The sparkly clutch in my favorite! It would be great for new years or christmas parties!


  2. Loving bronze, and in the same vein, rose gold! Great roundup
    The Marcy Stop

  3. So lovely...gorgeous nail polish, I like that lots xx

  4. Bronze sounds like a good idea. I have yet to figure what i will wear for Thanksgiving...

  5. Great picks!! Love that Butter polish! May have to get that. And that clutch is fabulous! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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  7. Very nice selection. Bronze is such a flattering and lovely color!



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