Saturday, December 15, 2018

How to Set the Perfect Holiday Table

My Christmas table is set and all ready for some fun, laughter, yummy food and the creation of warm fuzzy memories. Speaking of warm and fuzzy, how awesome is my fur table runner?!!
I loved creating this look for my dining table so I'm sharing with you guys my tips for a really wow table setting...


1. Pick your colors. I tend to go with one or two or I incorporate different shades of the same color. Here I use all sorts of brazes, rose golds and golds combined with cream. 

2. LAYER! I cant stress this enough: layer the sh!@ out of your linens if you want the table to be warm, cozy and totally unique.
      *Here I use two different placemats. One larger, square cork placemat and then one linen mat placed vertically down the middle of the lower mat. I also use two different table runners. The larger one on the bottom and the soft, fuzzy fur on top.
       *The key to layering is whatever you layer needs to be different sizes and textures.

3. Get creative: Use garlands, tree ornaments, pine cones, or any other non tradition table items. I added the ball ornament garland below on my table last year, and this year went for the glittery twig garland. 
        *Accessories should be placed organically. Zigzag your garland around vases or other accessories.
        *Be sure to use odd numbers of other knickknacks like pine cones or ornaments or whatever other item you choose. 

4. Add a natural element: Flowers are the common go-to here, and I love them, but pine cones, twigs, leaves or branches are a great addition to any holiday table as well.

5. Don't forget napkin rings! They add so much to the setting and are super easy. Many people just use folded napkins but napkin rings are jewelry for your table. IMO they are absolutely necessary!

6. Play around with everything a few times. I walk by and change or adjust things as time goes on. 

Okay, so now for the shopping! Below are some items that will help you create a table similar to mine. Have fun:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Not All I Want For Christmas but its a Start!

Sharing my Christmas list...for my husband to see especially;)

So many fun items to choose from, and I could probably just keep on making lists! But at some point, I gotta get to finishing up wrapping my kids gifts and getting my husband something special!

Am I the only one who gets sidetracked like this?!!

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Napa Hotspot and What I Wore

Restoration Hardware actually has a restaurant and its as yummy as it is chic and glamorous...Located in Yountville, which is a town in Napa Valley, it is one of the hottest new dining spots! 

The decor is really killer! But then, what do you expect if you are gonna dine at a place that is known for home decor. The chandeliers and indoor greenery make it super unique and ultra swanky. 

Believe it or not, I was pretty casual for a lunch there. Cute casual is what I like to call it. It was a cold rainy day in Napa and plaid with fur felt particularly appropriate on this day:)

A closer look at the boots: I cannot stress enough the importance of a great furry boot in a place like Napa this time of year:)

And heres a great photo of the tasting room, which I sadly didnt get to go to...image via SF Eater, but I will make it a goal to get there one of these days because the space is absolutely dreamy and I can easily see myself knocking back a few in these incredible surroundings!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Best Bloomingdales Friends and Family Deals of 2018

This 25% off Friends and Family Sale at  Bloomingdales couldn't come at a better time this year! So many great items for Christmas gifts, entertaining, holiday outfits and cold weather accessories that it's hard to choose just a few. Here's the best of the best, a curated list of the coolest, chicest, most fun items the friends and family sale has to offer! Click on the picture to take you to the item!

So get shopping and click on the pictures before the sale is over December 9th!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Top Holiday Gifts for the Girl who Loves Glam

Wow, how is it already the holidays? Here I am, VOWING  to myself that this year will be different. This year I will not be stressed. This year I will SHOP EARLY, and this year I will be that annoying girl at parties who grins wickedly when asked "Are you ready for the Holidays?" and says "I've done all my shopping, planning and wrapping and now I'm just enjoying." How super annoying is that girl anyway? I'll be that girl you want to throw your glass of champagne at, except you wont do it because you're a nice person you are one of my readers and you sincerely would never want to waist even a drop of champs;)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

So without further ado, I have a fun little list of glam gifts for your best friend, your sister, your mamma, yourself. Or for that girl who's super girly and loves anything that sparkles.

1. This sweater is soft and cozy but has a little sparkly sheen to it. I love it with denim or black leather...or even white!

2. This sweet little ornament is the perfect addition to a box of chocolates or a gift card. Shows you still put thought into her gift and every time she hangs it she will think of you.

3. I feel the same about this cocktail shaker. Perfect companion to a gift card or to another small gift, and its super cute and fun for the girl who makes her own drinks.

4. These paperclip earrings are so unique and special. A little bit of edge and a little bit of sparkle.

5. I LOVE this sparkly belt! Mainly for the same reasons I love jewelry. when you've got nothing to wear, or no time to decide, throw it on with a tee and jeans and you instantly have a cool outfit.

6. Liquid Crime Diamond Dew is a favorite of mine for holiday makeup. Its got a beautiful glow, is cruelty free and can be worn I eyes, lips, cheeks or body.

7. I'm a sucker for pretty notebooks. The prettier the better. And the more of a chance that I will record important information, journal, write to do lists, or even use it just to be creative. This sequined journal is a far cry from some boring drugstore notepad, which I'd likely never use. 


8. What to get the girl who works out in the morning then runs errands after? These leggings are so cool, I'd want to wear them ALL DAY. Probably chicer than most any outfit I'd have in my closet anyway, they'd be the perfect pants to put on to inspire a trip to the gym!

9. When all else fails, a pair of sparkly shoes never fails! And these shoes not only have a cool bow you tie in the back of the ankle, they are stacked so they are a heck of a lot more comfortable than a regular heel!

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Holiday Gifts and Cocktails, Plus the Cutest Holiday Welcome Mat Ever

Table via Home Stories /Spiced Persimmon Cocktail

The Holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving is just a few days away and then the whole month of December will be filled with snuggling in cozy sweaters and slippers, celebrating, drinking and eating tons of food. This Spiced persimmon Cocktail is right up my alley. 

And lets not forget shopping! Below are some items on my wish list for this time of year. The eye masks, the welcome mat, the star earrings...they all make the holidays feel a little extra special.

Get shopping so now so you can enjoy all of what's ahead! Thats my plan!

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Top 11 Standout Wardrobe Pieces to Wear for the Holidays and Beyond

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

There are so many great items of clothing floating around out there right now! I know I say that a lot, but there really are times where I'm just not all that into the trends. This is NOT one of those times. People who shop this time of year for clothing are gonna look DAYUM GOOD at all the fun holiday festivities, especially the more casual ones. The gorgeous reds,pinks, green and blue suedes and stand out blouses really make this season extra fun.

These heels worn with jeans are basically gonna just knock everyones socks off and all the cute blouses and sweaters out there right now are just killer. I like to mix in a couple skirts too, like an unexpected cream skirt like the one above with a really great sweater and boots or this black skirt with an asymmetrical hem. 

I love revolve clothing so much so you ll notice that's where so many of picks come from. Use code Tulip to get 10%off.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fall Decor Favorites, Fall Tablescapes and Fall Front Door

Tomorrow is Halloween! Now that I have kids, its a whole new form of excitement for me. Fashion and jewley are my big loves but I dont limit it to just that...I LOVE decorating the house and getting the boys all dressed up.  Not to mention, I love decorating my table. The below tablescape will be perfect for a dinner party I am having next week. I just need to add candles and possibly more pumpkins....

And below is my informal kitchen dining area...

As you can see on both tables, I layer a soft placemat with a hard one underneath. I really think it adds warmth to the table and an extra element of texture. I like to keep the kitchen dining area pretty fuss free because of the kids, but the round tray keeps everything in place and keeps the decor contained. Its fun to experiment and think outside the box. For me, its a form of relaxation...gets my mind off my worries and calms me.
Hope you guys have a safe and fun holiday!!

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Edgy Girls Guide to Fall Fashion

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Hi guys! Today is rainy and chilly so I'm all about comfy cozy fall buys. As so many of you know, I love a little edge in my style and there are so many cute fur lined boots, converse, even hair ties. This scarf is too cool and cozy and only 35$. I CANT WAIT to wear it! All of these pieces are just a little edgy and a whole lot of warm and cozy:)

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fall Trends 2018: Animal Prints, Leopard Prints

I am beyond words excited that its finally Fall. I mean, summer was great, but I am a Gemini and get bored easily. If things stay the same all the time I go insane. Luckily there are so many fun Fall trends! Below is my curated list of favorite animal prints on the web. Just click on the item to shop!

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