Thursday, May 18, 2017

Vacation Dress Turned Top

I wore this look for a fun Mothers Day lunch with the boys and I never got around to posting it. The pineapple shirt is actually a dress and I bought it to wear poolside on our upcoming vacation but thought it was festive and fun to wear it as a shirt too.

These boys are my everything. People used to say that they assumed I wanted girls so I could dress them up, but I LOVE dressing my boys. They have such cool kids clothes in New York so I just stock up when I'm there or buy online. 
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Brighten Up With These Summer Trends

Since yesterday was Mother's Day, I was able to steal a few moments to myself while my husband did the cooking and cleaning. It was wonderful! So what did I do with my extra time? Made some appointments, read my book and surfed the net for Summertime treats. By treats, I mean clothes and accessories for the home. 

I want everything on this little collage I put together. How fun is this cactus vase? I want it!!!! And then this pom pom clutch is only 22 dollars so that is definitely happening:)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends/ Statement Necklaces

This Summer 2017 jewelry trends call for statement necklaces!

Before becoming a mother I wore big jewelry EVERY DAMN DAY! Even if I was just running errands I'd throw on a big statement necklace and then I'd feel ready to go out the door.
Buying Info: here

Times have certainly changed but I still LOVE jewelry, and still make my own pieces. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites for this upcoming season!
Buying info here

Buying info: here

Slowly trying to make the switch from my Etsy Shop to my own web site. For now visit Mimi Jay Designs if anything strikes your interest:)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Knock Your Socks Off: Spring, Summer Bags Under 500$

Always looking for bags that are versatile but not boring. And I love discovering new brands. Speaking of, have you guys heard of Manu Atelier? Find it here. Its the second one on the right below. Love the structure and the logo.

So many great styles it's gonna be hard to pick just one. But I saw someone with the Manu Atelier and I think I'm in love! 

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And blues and blacks will always be a favorite of mine as well. Even though they are darker colors, these fresh takes are perfecr for Spring and Summer:

I love how these bags can liven up an outfit! My favorite might be this Nasty Gal Metallic Beach Tote. 

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Fancy Footwork

I feel like these shoes have gotten lots of attention on my instagram feed but I've yet to show you how I wear them....
They give off such a cool easy vibe don't you think?

 I LOVE tassels! Right now it's a big Spring Summer trend for 2017. And the shoes are on sale!!! 35% off the original price. So its a no brainer really.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. We have plans with some friends and a I've already pre-made some pancake batter, to make our Saturday morning as simple as possible. 

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Perfectionism : A Picture Worth 1000 Words and a Recipe

Since it seems as though I have quite a few moms reading this blog, I wanted to show everyone a snapshot that describes my life as a mom.
I am ALWAYS trying for perfect and it (as many of you know) is completely impossible. I have such HUGE visions for my day every morning when I wake up, and then I'm always a little let down when I realize I set my goals too high. 

The above photo is a perfect example of my life. Beauty mixed in with complete chaos, LOL! These gorgeous flowers are sitting right next to boxes waiting to be mailed, an old milk carton of my sons from yesterday, and more boxes of unorganized school paraphenelia I've been working on with my sons class. 

I wear myslef out trying to do it all, and I'm not sure I'm capable of stopping. But I am capable of trying to prioritize and of appreciating what I do have that does go as planned. All of us need reminders that its ok not to be perfect, and that we are doing the best we can.

On this note about perfectionism, below is a recipe for you perfectionist moms out there who want to sneak in veggies for a picky toddler. Both my boys refuse spinach but love these "Green Muffins" made with bananas, spinach, yogurt, and maple syrup. I snapped this photo right after I made them because I was so damn proud of them, but you shouldve seen what the house looked like after I made them, since I let the kids go nuts with their toys while I baked!
(Isn't this picture perfect?!! LOL)
Get the recipe here. I swear they are SO SO GOOD! 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Original Style: How to Shop for Clothes that Noone Else Can Get

Ever wonder how to shop for clothes that no one else has? When I lived in New York, I always made the coolest purchases and when I'd go anywhere else people would ask me where I got my clothes, shoes, bags, you name it. However, they would immediately dismiss the thought of ever buying it when I told them I bought it in NYC. Mainly because they knew they'd never be able to find my shirt/dress/handbag unless they bought a plane ticket, booked a hotel, and then made their way to some obscure, out of the way shop in Brooklyn. 

Now I go back to New York fairly often, but I can actually shop from home from boutiques all over the world because of this cool website. Its called Shoptiques.  I've been meaning to post about it for a while. There are TONS AND TONS of boutiques from London to Portland to New York, Vancouver, you name it. 

Here's a little preview of some of their swag:

This is a really fun, exciting way to shop! I always feel giddy when I'm on their website and realize I'm buying something from a hip boutique in Berlin, that I never normally, under any circumstances would have discovered on my own:)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

What I Want

Hows everyone's weekend going? We are busy planning trips. hopefully Cabo as long as we can renew my sons passport in time and then a destination wedding in Tellyride. As much as I love these trips with the family, they take a lot of preplanning. We have to keep in mind location more than ever since the baby naps smack in the middle of the day, and we have to plan out meals and nearby grocery stores so that when we arrive we aren't frantically searching on the Internet while the baby heads straight for the hills!

He's in a stage where we cant take our eyes off him for a second! And he's fast. So fast. He makes his way out the door like a stumbling drunk superhero. As clumsy as he is he's like lightning!

All that aside, I'm planning for mothers day. Gifts for myself and for all moms. I've got some cravings for black and whites, as you can see above. 


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life Lately

I wear these shoes almost too much! This was taken on a balcony in Laguna, when my husband and I managed to steal away for a bit:) Get them here.
I order a bunch of wholesale peonies every spring...I LOVE them. This was the first year they didnt last as long as they normally do, so it was kind of a bummer but when they arrived they brought so much joy to my home:) There are a few differnet places you can order from and if you order a month in advance like I do, you can usually get a discounted price. I like getting mine from Flower Muse online.
This dress is so versatile, I've been wearing it to everything. Baby showers, date nights, even cocktail parties. Get it here, or shop the post below!
And honestly, as bright and cheery as this post is, and is meant to is ALWAYS just plain crazy. I try to steal away to blog or get some time to myself when I can because when I don't I just become a cranky person. I dont know why some people can just go go go without ever recharging and others can't. I'm the latter unfortunately but I so badly WANT to be the former. Maybe its genetics? Or maybe I'm just a wuss?!!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Dress

Did you guys have a good weekend?! I know its already Tuesday and we've moved on but we had such a great weekend celebrating Easter. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed seeing our beautiful boys so happy. I will say that I'm so behind on everything right now. But whats new?! Above is me and my sweet boy posing in front of that gorgeous view! I love Malibu:) 

Details on the outfit below:

I am completely in love with these earrings! I usually dont have time to mess with earrings because one boy will be pulling the others hair, while the other is drawing away on my vanity with lipstick. Ha! But, I LOVE jewelry, and it was Easter, so I took these beautiful tassled babies (the earrings that it) out for a spin.
These necklines are so popular and make dresses and tops so much more interesting! I'm so happy we've got some spring trends this year that are actually flattering for everyone. I cant stand it when the trends are only doable for a small portion of the population...boyfriend jeans, crop tops...ugh, those just did not work for me! 

What are your favorite Spring Trends?

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