Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Original Style: How to Shop for Clothes that Noone Else Can Get

When I lived in New York, I always made the coolest purchases and when I'd go anywhere else people would ask me where I got my clothes, shoes, bags, you name it. However, they would immediately dismiss the thought of ever buying it when I told them I bought it in NYC. Mainly because they knew they'd never be able to find my shirt/dress/handbag unless they bought a plane ticket, booked a hotel, and then made their way to some obscure, out of the way shop in Brooklyn. 

Now I go back to New York fairly often, but I can actually shop from home from boutiques all over the world because of this cool website. Its called Shoptiques.  I've been meaning to post about it for a while. There are TONS AND TONS of boutiques from London to Portland to New York, Vancouver, you name it. 

Here's a little preview of some of their swag:

This is a really fun, exciting way to shop! I always feel giddy when I'm on their website and realize I'm buying something from a hip boutique in Berlin, that I never normally, under any circumstances would have discovered on my own:)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

What I Want

Hows everyone's weekend going? We are busy planning trips. hopefully Cabo as long as we can renew my sons passport in time and then a destination wedding in Tellyride. As much as I love these trips with the family, they take a lot of preplanning. We have to keep in mind location more than ever since the baby naps smack in the middle of the day, and we have to plan out meals and nearby grocery stores so that when we arrive we aren't frantically searching on the Internet while the baby heads straight for the hills!

He's in a stage where we cant take our eyes off him for a second! And he's fast. So fast. He makes his way out the door like a stumbling drunk superhero. As clumsy as he is he's like lightning!

All that aside, I'm planning for mothers day. Gifts for myself and for all moms. I've got some cravings for black and whites, as you can see above. 


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life Lately

I wear these shoes almost too much! This was taken on a balcony in Laguna, when my husband and I managed to steal away for a bit:) Get them here.
I order a bunch of wholesale peonies every spring...I LOVE them. This was the first year they didnt last as long as they normally do, so it was kind of a bummer but when they arrived they brought so much joy to my home:) There are a few differnet places you can order from and if you order a month in advance like I do, you can usually get a discounted price. I like getting mine from Flower Muse online.
This dress is so versatile, I've been wearing it to everything. Baby showers, date nights, even cocktail parties. Get it here, or shop the post below!
And honestly, as bright and cheery as this post is, and is meant to be...life is ALWAYS just plain crazy. I try to steal away to blog or get some time to myself when I can because when I don't I just become a cranky person. I dont know why some people can just go go go without ever recharging and others can't. I'm the latter unfortunately but I so badly WANT to be the former. Maybe its genetics? Or maybe I'm just a wuss?!!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Dress

Did you guys have a good weekend?! I know its already Tuesday and we've moved on but we had such a great weekend celebrating Easter. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed seeing our beautiful boys so happy. I will say that I'm so behind on everything right now. But whats new?! Above is me and my sweet boy posing in front of that gorgeous view! I love Malibu:) 

Details on the outfit below:

I am completely in love with these earrings! I usually dont have time to mess with earrings because one boy will be pulling the others hair, while the other is drawing away on my vanity with lipstick. Ha! But, I LOVE jewelry, and it was Easter, so I took these beautiful tassled babies (the earrings that it) out for a spin.
These necklines are so popular and make dresses and tops so much more interesting! I'm so happy we've got some spring trends this year that are actually flattering for everyone. I cant stand it when the trends are only doable for a small portion of the population...boyfriend jeans, crop tops...ugh, those just did not work for me! 

What are your favorite Spring Trends?

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Monday, April 10, 2017

A Casual Look

I tend to dress pretty casual when I'm out with the family. I've got two crazy little boys to chase so I need to be comfortable. 

I wore this look when we took the boys to the Natural History museum her in Los Angeles. If you haven't been you should check it out. Its a dream come true for my little men. There are so many gross looking bugs and spiders and other creepy crawlers in the insect exhibit. The dinosaur exhibit is amazing, and they change up their special exhibits fairly often.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Reading

Check out Ashley from Joyfully Growing. She's new to the blog world but has fresh ideas to share. She covers things from home decorating, DIY and gluten free recipes. Check her out here

Halfway Holistic  is a fantastic healthy lifestyle blog that delves into everything from chemical free beauty and household products, essential oils and family life. .I love her article on why being passive is harmful to your health. Check it out here.

And to end on a sweet note, The Itsy Bitsy Kitchen is a fabulous read for those times you are looking for new recipes that are creative and ridiculously awesome crowd pleasers. I lover her recipe for chocolate coconut Brioche rolls. Check it out here.

Happy Sunday!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Brighten a Bad Case of the Mondays

Good God I need something to brighten up these Monday blues!
We had a great weekend but then a had setback with a family member's health and another set back with our sons sleep. Because of those two things, Monday grabbed us by the balls and tried to show us who was in charge. Lol! 

So some bright colors to brighten everyone's mood are in order. I had a great time picking my favorites:)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend Reading

This plant wall is so beautiful and fresh for spring! Learn how to style your own with a mix of real and fake plants at House Mix Blog! Love all her cool tips and tricks and posts about family life:)
Great read on photo editing apps for instagram at Chocolate and Lace. Jenny is funny, witty and a writes about motherhood, shares    cool tips and tricks on everything from fashion to what to buy at Trader Joes, as well as delicious recipes. Check her out here!
Jessica from White Oak and Ivy  is an interior designer and fellow fashion enthusiast:)
I love her fresh take on classic looks. This black and white dress is so cute!

Scutters Lifestyle is a fun read. Lisa delves into DIY, recipes, travel and anything that makes life a little more fun! Like this amazing cocktail, learn how to make it here!

With articles and bloggers like these, you will never run out of fun fresh perspectives and new ideas. Hope you find it as inspirational as I do. Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Dress with Slouchy Sweater: AKA The Oslen Effect

Hi everyone, just sharing a few snapshots of what I wore to a baby shower over the weekend. I felt like being a little more relaxed than all dolled up which was a good thing because it was super chill and at a vegan restaurant on the mom to be's side of town. This fringed cardigan is still available in stores but no longer available online. I love it, although I totally look like an Olsen twin here, Lol! 

Only one more day til the weekend and I'm super excited. Although really our weekend kind of starts tomorrow because there's no school, which used to (as a kid) make me like this :0) and now makes me like this :0(

I was counting on Friday to run errands and do adult things and now I'll likely be on a playdate, so i just have to get everything done TODAY! Lord help me, hahaha!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Life Lately

Happy Hump Day! I love sharing with you guys things that make me happy for so many reasons. But the main reason really, is that it reminds me to be appreciative of life. Even the littlest things can add joy, and taking a moment to share them here helps me to appreciate and recognize that although things aren't always perfect...LIFE IS GOOD!
Above is a photo of these RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME SHOES I just purchased, as well as pretty spring flowers and a red yarn bracelet. The bracelet is a symbol I was given at a baby shower to think of my friend who is pregnant and due very soon, and to send her very good vibes. When she does go into labor we (all her friends) will take a moment to channel positivity and wish her well before cutting it off. I thought it was a very cute idea.
And here is my new favorite treat I've been making for myself as of late. I just dont have the time to make delicious chocolate peanut putter protein bars or any of the other healthier sweet treat recipes I see on pinterest. So instead, I grab a high fiber Wasa cracker, slap some peanut butter on it (alone it tastes like styrofoam I must admit) and then sprinkle some chocolate chips. For some crazy reason its really been doing the trick, and it takes waaaaay less time! I also LOVE this cheese board. Get yours here.
And here my friends is my entry table. I've really been digging tulips lately so I've got a few little arrangements scattered around the house. But my entry looks so bright and happy, I just had to share with those of you who are in to home decor. 
Finally this necklace is one of my most recent creations. Check out my shop here for more one of a kind statement pieces!

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