Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Florals/Ruffles/ and White Boots

Hey there guys! Baby is asleep so I am madly working away on jewelry, social media, scheduling appointments. But theres nothing like that feeling at the pit of your stomach that you are on BORROWED TIME. 

Borrowed time is all I have lately. Anyone know how to need less sleep? I could seriously use the extra hours...And you know that quote going around that says "You have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce."? Well, that's horses@!%t!  She has waaaaay more time because she has a slew of people working for her, dressing her, cooking for her and making her look pretty. So no, I really don't have as many hours as she has. But that doesnt make me want to try any less :-)
What do you guys think of the ruffle blouse? It's so much fun and makes me feel like I dressed up all purity, even though I'm wearing denim. And these boots are my absolute favorite for spring! They remind of my mom because she wore white boots on her wedding day for her send off when her and my dad left the reception:)

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring Colors of 2017 and Weekend Sales

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Hows every one's weekend? Mine has been pretty great although I cant seem to get enough sleep and I don't have much time to do everything I originally wanted to do this weekend. But I did find the time to find some things I want for spring. I love green and feel like mint is such a fresh color. Combining it with moss or army green keeps you from looking like an ice cream cone or Easter Egg advertisement:)

This Presidents day weekend has some great sales to take advantage of!

Extra 20% off at Topshop
West Elm 20% off with Code SAVE20
Extra30%  0ff at BCBG
Bloomingdales Extra 20% off with code NEWARRIVALS

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cut-Out Open Front Top

Man my weeks are going by fast! I have never been so busy in my life. I use up every single second of the day. I'm always fitting things in and leaving no room for error, so if something is running behind, I'm completely screwed. I probably need to re-visit a book my mom gave me pre kids that was titled "Women who do too much", but I cant find it! At the time of receiving it I just seriously could not relate. LOL! Children will do that to you...take you waaaay over capacity! But I bring it on myself, because I still want to do all the things I'm doing, even if it runs me ragged. 
Speaking of continuing to do the things I want to do, I really want to share this top with you guys, hahaha....I've had my eye on this top for a while. I think cold shoulder tops and cut-out dresses are getting a lot of attention lately, but I'm personally attracted to this look. It feels so unexpected.
And here's the look with this pink jacket worn over the top. It doesn't seem to take away from it or look to busy like originally thought it might do. Plus this lightweight jacket is perfect for spring!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hump Day Inspiration: Cool Tips and Tricks

Hows every ones week going? Mine was going great and then I kind of woke up in a bad mood this morning. No real reason, just felt like being moody and throwing myself a pity party for nothing in particular. The one thing I can say about myself, is that I very much recognize these moods the minute it starts and realize I need some motivation to snap out of it! 

I love surfing the web when the baby sleeps and I found some useful info and fun things that made me happy. 

4. .Nail Colors - in case you need EVERY shade of pink
6.Wrap Bracelets - this edgy chain goes so well with the feminine stones! Use code LITTLEDIVA at check out here for 10% off these or any other piece of jewelry that catches your eye!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Not Your Typical Valentine

Hey Everyone! Happy Valentines Day to those of you celebrating! To those who aren't forget I said anything, I'm not even celabrating tonight. Reasons being that 1. life is hectic and crazy and 2. we capped out our dressing up and going out over the weekend and 3. I'm tired! So although you were expecting to see a pink or red dress on here today I can show you what I wore Sunday on a very long, but super fun and kind of glamorous day/evening:

I LOVE how slimming this dress is (if you wear spanx of coarse, LOL). The way it's cut, you can wrap it to hide a belly pooch, and you can always readjust it if needed.

The shoes are Kate Spade, and are a mix between bronze, silver and gold, which gave me some leeway when choosing my accessories. The Valentino clutch is actually silver and gold and my jewelry is a mix between bright gold and bronze. 

When my first choice dress didn't arrive in time, I didn't think this blue one would be dressy enough but I think it worked! This ended up being a really fun outfit.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pink Overload Coming From a Girl Who Doesnt Love Pink

Hi guys! Well, you wouldnt know it from my instagram or from my last couple of posts, but I've never been super crazy about pink...until I decided its awesome for certain things:
  1. In small doses
  2. In flowers!! But OF COARSE!!
  3. In food or drinks
  4. Make-up,,,,duh
  5. If worn with black grey and sometimes army green.
So heres some "pinkspiration" for you, and all of these are things you can treat yourself or a pal too!!

This "Bestie Box" is so cute and comes with all sorts of great, coffee, etc. But the best part is every sale will feed 20 kids in the U.S!!! Details here

These cookies, are such a beautiful take on pretty Valentines Day (or any day really) baking ideas...find out about them here.

Have you guys seen this beautiful starbucks drink?! I didnt think it was even real but rather something some creative bloggers decided to doctor up in their spare time. No, its real and its on their secret menu. (Yes thats real too). This is their "Strawberry Acai Refresher" and its originally made with water, so make sure to substitue coconut milk for that decadent creamy flavor!

And I know its tough to top that last one, a pink secret drink that all the rage is just too much! But alas, I had to show some love for these pink pencils, SET GOAL, SMASH, REPEAT. Because I need reminders (and more pencils)! Get them here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Happy Tuesday! What a day, whew! I feel like I lived a lot today and the day isn't even over yet. I think that's a good thing right? Except that I'm completely exhausted!

I wouldn't be fit to post about fashion if I didn't acknowledge how hot of a color blush is right now...and not just because Valentines Day is around the corner. This color is here to stay all season. 

The Good news is that it doesn't have to be too frilly and froo froo. You can combine it with grey and black and even shades of green to toughen it up a little. I never thought I'd be in to the color but I have to admit that I'm loving it!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sale Top and More Tie-Front Blouses

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I've never really gotten what all the fuss is about over sitting for hours on end, watching grown men run around in silly outfits, eating food thats bad for you and drinking wine. Well, I like love  the latter part (the food and wine), but I dont need much of an excuse to do that anyway! LOL. Actually, I RARELY get to sit around because of the little misters, but I'm doing just that today, while one plays quietly and the other naps. Its pretty AMAZING!

I'm finally getting around to posting this new tie front blouse of mine. If you follow me on instagram, you'll see that I'm in love with this top, and that it's on sale for only 30$. I've already worn it a lot so I figure its paid for itself basically...(Que rolling of the eyes from husbands everywhere). The denim is on sale too. They're Current Elliott jeans and they are such a great fit.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Girly Not

Are you one of those girls that loves beautiful, feminine things, but just doesnt always feel like yourself in pink frills?
Thats (kind of) ME! I love all the trends and shopping and beauty products and glamorous things in general. But I just dont feel quite right in tulle, ruffles, and lace.

Sweater//Wall Art// Table//Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt Cap//Cookbook

So I gathered up some fun items for girls like us....
  1. I REALLY like ruffle tops: On Everyone Else, so if I happen to find one or two that dont have to be so frilly, whether its because of the color or style or can go well with something less feminine, I snag it!
  2. This wall art is awesome, I just wish I had somewhere to put it!
  3. Same for this bedside table I'm going wild for....
  4. Geez, I'm not always comfortable with lace doilies but I just dont feel right in trucker hats either! Thats where these cute, of the moment baseball caps come into play:)
  5. I LOVE to entertain, but I just wasnt born with that hostess gene. Timing things, socializing while cooking, and still having fun is tough! This book is awesome!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Life Lately

 We have been so busy around here lately...Applying to schools, interviewing, afterschool activities, work events, jewelry marketing...all these things plus a ridiculous amount of mundane stuff you really dont want to hear about. But in the midst of all this I have things that make me happy other than my beautiful family...can you beven elieve that? 

As crazy as this may seem to some of you, my powder room is just one of those places on this planet that makes me happy...Its bright and cheery and I OBSESS over the wall paper!
And now that I've finished going on about this little powder room, let me move on to some other great things that put a smile on my face AND keep me organized...If you know me well, I'm not too sure you'd peg me as the organized type. But when I try my best at it, I like to think I at least do it in 
style! Below is my ultimate favorite planner on earth! You can get it here. I love that you can order accessories for it. I personally ordered these cute page

And how could I not mention my jewelry? I'm always taking pictures of it, trying different outfits on with it, and of coarse trying to market myself, which in and of itself is a tough job! You can find  most of the jewelry I make here.

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