Saturday, February 7, 2015

Convertable Necklaces: The Latest in Fashion Jewelry Trends

Been un-motivated as hell lately, but I somehow managed to get excited about my convertible necklace creationsI can't take original credit for the idea, as I've seen them before, but I can take full credit for my unique way of doing them. 

They are super easy to wear as a whole and super easy to de-tach.  Would take you all of 5 seconds to take apart. The fun thing about these is you can change it up and wear it three different ways; as a whole layered look, as a pendant necklace, or as a chunky chain.

The design is also 100% unique as I have found very few artists that have a similar style to my own.  I'm not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing...maybe my style is too edgy for some, but I simply cant deviate from what I love, and I'm hoping there are other people out there who can love and appreciate it too. To see more of my creations click over to my shop and take a look!
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cool Valentine Day Gifts For Guys

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Alexander Wang Shirt - comfortable and super high quality, what guy doesnt need a few of those?
Aquarium- fun and modern and would look great on an office desk.
Flying Pig-A lot of people say they'll meet the right person when pigs fly...well, pigs flew because I met the right man in my twenties!
Cool Frame- I think this says it all.
Sleek Sunglasses - Ray Bans seem to look cool on everyone, no matter the face shape, so these are a no brainer.
I Phone Photo Projector - what a fun little gadget that makes it easy to show all your pictures at a group meeting, birthday party, wedding, conference, wherever you want! Oh and did I mention its 26 bucks?!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Creating My Sitting Nook: Layering in the Bedroom

I love, love, love my bedroom! Sadly, I got so busy that I put a halt to decorating it. I got many of the basics and even wallpapered the walls but I dint do the finishing touches and they've just been lingering over my head like a dark cloud. 

I want to cozy up my long forgotten about northeast corner, where a sad little chair sits alone with no pillows, no throws and no end table. Next to a wall with nothing on it. 
Metro Side Table (Global Views)

Velvety Pillow (Zara Home)

I also plan on adding layered shades of blues and sliver accessories to my bare bookshelves. I love blue and silver but cant decide between an aqua or a true light blue so I thought layering the colors would be best. Kind of like an ombre effect but not so systematic. Below are some fun accessories I'd like to bring in to give my room more life:


Looking forward to showing you my updated room, sadly the side table is on back order so it might be a while. But, good things come to those who wait, right?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Unique Valentines Day Gifts

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It's the weekend, and I'm hoping it goes better than the week. Beaux was sick and I've been extra busy. Finding time to search for cool valentines gifts was my escape from the stresses of everyday life. I put together a list of my top picks that any girl would love:)

This Jonathon Adler Vase is hands down the cutest. I love when gifts are unique and have a whimsical sense of style. 
The necklace is totally unique because I've only made one so far....I love the combination of dark grey, white pearl, and blush. 
This painting is so soothing to me. It would be perfect in my bedroom.
I love this rose oil serumI go through phases of wanting all my skincare products to smell like roses. Its so feminine and soothing:)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ready To Wear

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Anyone going anywhere warm this weekend? We were thinking of going away, but we've been so busy that we'd thought we'd stay in town and just relax...but sadly we end up doing a lot of housework and bill paying on the weekends we stay home so I'm hoping we can force ourselves to try and pretend we are on vacation. We'll see how it goes...

Anyway, I'm in love with all the above and the blue slip ons are only 60$ so I had to order them. I know this outfit is perfect for summer but I want it NOW. 

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Going Out on the Top: Working Out on the Bottom

Necklace//Sneakers//Sweatshirt (F21-not available)Similar//Sunglasses//

This has been one of my uniforms for the days I walk everywhere... a going out dressier look up top, and then comfy work out pants and shoes on the bottom. In Los Angeles theres far less walking than in New York, but on some days I end up doing quite a bit of it. Especially because I can walk to Beauxs preschool, the grocery store, little shops, etc from my house.

I still like to kind of dress up on my walking days, so I wear fun sneakers and jewelry (hence the Necklace and the ring). I just have to take a few more photgraphs of the ring before I put it up in my shop. I made quite a few of them and in different finishes as well.  

I also have to protect my face from the sun after too many spots had to be a hat is a necessity and also happens to (according to one of my friends) "make me look like a diva!"

Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Keep Warm and Snuggle Up

Happy Sunday! I'm displaying some Internet inspiration today to warm us all up....

Seems as though its been quite cold most places. At least it has been in all the cities I've ever lived in. Strangely I always want to know what the weather is like in a city I've moved away from. I guess its because I always want to see what I would be doing if I still lived there.

 If you had the opportunity to see what your life would have been like if you chose a different path, would you want to?
Regardless of the answer, perhaps this door says it best...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Reading

How to Set the Perfect Table - Every year I hope to grow and become more of that adult I keep thinking I'm supposed to be (wait, I'm not 21 anymore)? Figuring this is a good skill to know...
Top 50 hotels in 2014 - My husband asked me what my dream travel plans would be for 2015. Think this list might be a good start...might need to get my butt to some of these this year!
Speedy Scarf Makeovers - Got time on the weekend when its cold outside? These scarf makeover ideas are adorable and look pretty easy to do.
5 Best Fragrances of 2014 - I'm becoming more and more a believer in how fragrance affects not only your mood but your confidence and possibly even other peoples perception of you...Should you buy one of these or search for the latest and greatest for the coming year?
What I Learned From Purging Most of My Stuff (and Why I Wished I Hadn't) is an article I stumbled upon in the midst of last week, which was a week I had dedicated to purging the house and becoming more organized. (I still purged, but thought twice about letting go of anything that maybe not now, but someday will be sentimental to me)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year: Items to Start Fresh

Every New Year I gravitate toward minimalist EVERYTHING. Healthy food with minimal ingredients, a purged closet with only my favorite pieces of clothing, lots of whites, taupe's and treys, and lots of down time. I also like to bring in fresh white flowers and crisp table linens to add to the blank slate idea. On top of it, I always end up looking for a fresh scent for the home after stowing my yummy pine tree candles.

I put together my top choices to help start the new year off right:

White Sunglasses look extra fresh after a season of sparkle and reds and greens.
This Cookbook is a great one to add to my collection to help start the year off and the proceeds go to charity, which is a double "start the year off right whammy!"
This awesome Scarf nails the fresh start but its still cold outside look.
Easy, comfy linen Shoes are perfect for running errands.
This Linen Candle is so nice and airy after all the apple pie scents and christmas tree candles that have been lingering in my house. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's a few days before Christmas and it's hectic and fun and so exciting... But what do you do when your sick of buying gifts for everyone? Give yourself a little break and a gift or two...and take advantage of some fantastic items on sale!  All items above are nicely discounted and I want every single one:)

Check out my favorite Sales Going on Now:
Madewell - 30% off
All Saints - Check out their winter sale
Scoop NYC - extra 25% off sale items
Asos - up to 50% off 

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